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PA-1010NPN Inductive Proximity Switch Sensor

Proximity switches is the most common solution for non-contact detection. And the inductive type is the widely used proximity switches, which is through the electromagnetic waves to detect the metal abject near the sensor detection surface. In application , this is a very simple technology to detect 1”~2”metal object . China YUMO Electric offer different series proximity sensor , that included inductive, photoelectrical, capacitive and etc. YUMO Electric continues to improve the performance and quality , enabling the sensors in a world-class level . If you are searching for proximity switch , YUMO will be your best choice .

PA-1010NPNinductive proximity switch 
Outside diameter 15mm cylinder inductive proximity switch, sensing range from 0.2mm~3mm . China YUMO offer customized design!

Feature Description Item Code PA-1010
No touch detection Replace of Nemicon PA1010
Quick Response and high frequency
Surge protection
Housing Material:Copper
IP Grade:IP64
Operation voltage 10…30VDC
Installation type non-flush
Detection distance 0.2-3mm 
Size 16*60
Output type NPN
Leakage current <0.01mA
Setting diatance 0.1...3mm
Standard detected object Rack, gear
Operating frequency  15000Hz
Consumption current ≤15mA
Load current 100mA
Voltage drop ≤1.8V
Lag 1...15%
Repeat accuracy ≤2%
LED display LED(red)
Operating Temperature -25...70ºC
Temperature drift <±10%
IP grade IP67
Housing Material copper
Surface material copper
Weight 152g

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