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RK03-3/RK03-4 sensor plug

接插外形CONTACT VIEW应用APPLICATIONNPN/PNP NO/NCNPN/PNP NO/NCDC二线AC二线NO/NCNPN NO/NCPNP NO/NCNPN NO/NCPNP NO/NCNPN/PNP NO/NCNPN/PNP NO/NC接插件Connector黑black Cuzn,nickel plated 4.0 250 2m PVC外套颜色Skin color连接螺母材料Coupling nut material接触负载Contactload过流值Over-current value [A]额定电压Rated voltage[V]电缆Wire 长度Length电缆外皮材料Cable jacket material绝缘体颜色insulator color输出显示[LED] output display [LED]bn,bu,bk 3x0.5bn,bu,bk,wh 4x0.34YESYESYESYESYESYESYES通电指示power indicator                   ━━━━━━≥-109Ω -25-+65 -25-+65 lP67 250VAC/300VDC,Gr.C一般数据common data绝缘电阻insulation resistance环境温度范围:接插件envronment temperature scope[℃]环境温度范围:电缆environment temperature scope[℃]防护等级(DIN 40 050) protection level电容量Capacitance

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