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Happy The Mid-Autumn Festival

Date:2020-09-19        Clicks:1100

YUMO wishes everyone happy The Mid-Autumn Festival

Chinese people have the custom of "autumn evening and evening moon" in ancient times. Xiyue, that is to worship the moon god. In the Zhou Dynasty, every Mid Autumn Festival held to meet the cold and sacrifice the moon. A large incense table is set up with moon cakes, watermelon, apples, red dates, plums, grapes and other sacrifices. Moon cakes and watermelon are absolutely indispensable. The watermelon has to be cut into lotus shape. Under the moon, the statue of the moon is placed in the direction of the moon, and the red candle burns high. The whole family worships the moon in turn, and then the housewife cuts the reunion moon cake. He who cuts shall calculate in advance the total number of the whole family. Those who are at home and those who are away from home shall be counted together. They shall not cut more or less, and the size shall be the same.

In the Tang Dynasty, the Mid Autumn Festival was quite popular. In the capital of the Northern Song Dynasty. On the 15th night of August, people from all over the city, rich and poor, old and young, should wear adult clothes, burn incense and worship the moon, express their wishes, and pray for the blessing of the moon god. In the Southern Song Dynasty, people gave moon cakes to each other, taking the meaning of reunion. In some places, there are activities such as grass dragon dance and pagoda building. Since the Ming and Qing Dynasties, the custom of Mid Autumn Festival has become more popular. In many places, some special customs have been formed, such as burning Dou Xiang, tree Mid Autumn Festival, lighting tower lights, setting sky lanterns, walking the moon, dancing fire dragon and so on.

There are many customs of the Mid Autumn Festival, and the forms are different, but they all embody people's infinite love for life and yearning for a better life.