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Yumo's First Outdoor Activity In 2020

Date:2020-05-20        Clicks:1079

With the continuous development and development of YUMO company, the management system is becoming more and more perfect, and the humanized management of the company has been fully reflected.This activity to enrich the staff's leisure life, improve the company's cohesion as the starting point.

The company attaches great importance to this activity, and has made detailed arrangements for the whole activity in advance, and sent relevant personnel to lead the team.

At ten o 'clock on the morning of May 16, the YUMO staff gathered in the company, divided into three groups, each with one person in the lead, and drove to wangxinggu, a pleasant place for camping among the mountains.


After we arrived, we began to work together, some people set up tents, some people barbecue, some people cut fruit, some people carry dishes.Busy together, enhance each other's feelings.


After a short rest after dinner, we began to play games.Jumping barefoot on a fingerboard is a challenge most people have never faced before.Everyone played their persevering character, actively participated and finished the dance within the prescribed time.In the end, everyone got their own prize.Also played with the drone, from the phone to see the drone to take pictures of the high overlooking the valley of the star, there is a unique feeling.


We enjoy the beautiful scenery at the same time, but also do not forget to remember, enhance each other's feelings.


This activity relieves the pressure brought by work and life and shows the vigor of YUMO's team.I believe that in the future work, the staff will be more full of enthusiasm to devote to their own work.