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FBS-4DA Programmable Logic Controller Module Fatek PLC

Technical Parameters:

Specification FBs-4DA
Input point
Output point 4 points
Input/Output value -8192~8191 or 0~16383 (14-bit)
Signal range
Bipolar Voltage: -10~10V or -5~5V Current: -20~20mA or -10~10mA
Unipolar Voltage: 0~10V or 0~5V Current: 0~20mA or 0~10mA
Maximum resolution Voltage: 0.3mV (5V/16384) Current: 0.61μA (10mA/16384)
Accuracy ±1%
Conversion time Conversion once for each scan
Maximum input signal
Allowable load range Output voltage: 500Ω~1MΩ Output current: 0~500Ω
Input impedance
Isolation method Transformer(power) and photocouple(signal) isolation, 500VAC, 1 minute, no isolation between each channel
Power consumptio 24VDC -15%/+20%, 3.2W max.
Wiring mechanism 7.62 mm fixed terminal block



2 channels, 14-bit analog output module (-10~10V, 0~10V or -20~20mA, 0~20m


4 channels, 14-bit analog input (same specification as 6AD)+2 channels, 14-bit analog output (same specification as 2DA) combo module


6 channels, 14-bit analog input module (-10~10V, 0~10V or -20~20mA, 0~20m


6 channels, RTD temperature input module with 0.1°C resolution.


8 points 24 VDC digital input


8 points relay  output

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