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LMF14 Inductive proximity switche sensor


  • Compact volume

  • High precision of repeated location

  • Diversified exterior structures

  • Good performance of anti-interference.

  • Many output forms

  • High on-off frequency.

  • Wide voltage range

  • Dust proof, vibration proof, water proof and oil proof.

  • With short-circuit protection and inverted connecting protection.

  • Long service life

Tecnical Parameters:

Flush DC 10-30V NPN NO LMF10-3015NA

NC LMF10-3015NB

NO+NC LMF10-3015NC


NC LMF10-3015PB

NO+NC LMF10-3015PC

two wire system NO LMF10-3015LA

NC LMF10-3015LB

AC 90-250V SCR Control-lable silicon NO LMF10-2015A

NC LMF10-2015B

NO+NC LMF10-2015C

Relay output

DETECTION DISTANCE                                20MM

Non-Flush DC 10-30V NPN NO LMF10-3020NA

NC LMF10-3020NB

NO+NC LMF10-3020NC


NC LMF10-3020PB

NO+NC LMF10-3020PC

two wire system NO LMF10-3020LA

NC LMF10-3020LB

AC 90-250V SCR Control-lable silicon NO LMF10-2020A

NC LMF10-2020B

NO+NC LMF10-2020C

Relay output

Controloutput DC 200mA

SCR/ Relay 500mA

Output voltagc dropDC/AC NPN/PNP< 3V, Two wire< 3.9V, AC< 10V

Consumption current DC< 15mA, AC< 10mA

Standard detected object 45*45*1(A3 iron)

Repeated precision 0.05

DC/AC 100HZ/15HZ

Working environment temperature -25~+70º C

Insulation resistance 50MΩ

Shell material ABS Resin

Protection grade IP67

Altemative model at home and abroad TL-N20M


LMF14 Inductive proximity switches sensors

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