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PBS-03JN AGV Scanning laser Range finder

The Hokuyo PBS-03JN Infrared Scanning Infrared LED Obstacle Detection Sensor is a less expensive alternative to laser range finders in indoor environments. This infrared laser sensor is perfect for robotic applications. The PBS-03JN is able to report obstacles from 200mm to 3000mm in a 178.2° arc (1.8° angular resolution). Its low power consumption, 24V 250ma, allows it to be used on battery operated platforms.

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 HOKUYO PBS-03JN AGV Scanning laser Range finder   

Infra-red LED light source, distance measurement type obstacle detector. Fine settings available for each pattern, greatly improved than normal reflective photo sensors. Scanning angle: 180°, compact body with height of 60mm.

  • Hokuyo's PBS-03JN detectable range is 200mm to 3000mm
  • 100msec/scan
  • 24V operating voltage
  • 178.2° area scanning range with 1.8° angular resolution
  • RS-232C Interface
  • Wide scanning angle ! Super-small size !
  • Low cost
  • Light weight (500g)
  • Compact size (75 x 70 x 70mm)
  • Response time 180msec or less (Scanning speed 1 rev./100msec)
  • 1-year warranty

Structure(Light scanning image)

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