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Photo Eye Sensor KS-C2W For Bag Making Machine Color Mark Sensor

KS series color mark sensor will emit light rays to scan the detected surface,and can identify the different color marks through receiving different intensity of light reflected back from different colors on the surface.
Coaxial optical design,more adaptable to surfaces of high-reflectance(such as Aluminum foil)
With light sources of blue,green,red,and various other colors for selection,more accurately to identify various colors.
Small light spot,excellent resolution.
Short response time of 0.1~1ms,can adapt to control demand of various packaging machines,bagging machines and printing machines.
Outstanding internal circuit design that can resist various electromagnetic and optical interference,has stability and no error action.
With sensitivity adjustment knob,need no tool to adjust.

Photo Eye Sensor KS-C2G For Bag Making Machine


 Photoelectric eye using the coaxial optical path reflection principle, emission source of imported special poly-type LED, and optional in a variety of light sources, in order to adapt to different applications, receiving part using imported highly sensitive receiver tube, internal precision electronic components, fast response 


  Can be used for: all kinds of vertical. Horizontal packaging machines, all kinds of bag making machine, cutting machine, slitting machine, and other printing machinery. As color-coded identification, precise control of the length of the bags, auto-correction and other fields .



Main Feature


1.Cast a light white and green
2.Coaxial reflection type optical design
3. The light spot is small, the detection accuracy.
4.The output circuit protection design.
5.The power supply voltage :12-30VDC.









Light source







coaxial reflective type

Detection distance


Cast bare point


supply voltage


Power consumption

40mA or less

response time

1mS following

Output form

NPN type lights moving / dark dynamic dual output

protection function

Supply voltage reverse polarity protection, short-circuit protection

Operation instruction

red LED, bright Activity directions

Operating ambient

temperature: -5 ° C -50 ° C sunshine<10000Lux incandescent <30000Lux


four-core cable (brown, yellow, white, blue) standard length 2m



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