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BZJ-311 optical switch Color Mark Sensor

BZJ Series Color Code Sensor applies the light emitting and receiving principle. It will send out modulating light, receive the reflecting lights from detected object, and distinguish the color or recognize the existence of objects according the intensity of the receiving signals. it can serve for sensor in the automatic control systems for packing machinery ,printing machinery ,texture and paper making machinery, etc and be used with other instruments to detect the existence of the object marked with color code, pattern code, line or others. it has the functions of self-locating, recognizing colors, rectifying deviation, pattern high sensitivity, quick response speed, strong anti-background interference, compact structure and convenient opera ion, etc.



1.Compact volume
2.Wide voltage range 
3.Diversified exterior structures

4.high precision of repeated location

5.Good performance of anti-interference.

6.Dust proof,vibration proof,waterproof and Oil-proof.


Model BZJ-311
Supply voltage 10-30VDC
Ambient temperature 0-50ºC
Detecting method Coaxial reflection
Sensing distance 9mm
Chromatogram of light Red, Green, Blue, White
Facula Circular
Response time 50us
Output current <200mA
Output type NPN,Analog Output
Shell material Metal
Cable length 2M
Protection RP-power protection,load short-circuit protection
Dimension 38*62*100mm
Weight 500g


Model BZJ-311G BZJ-311B BZJ-311W
Light source Green Blue White
Output type
NPN,PNP,analog output
Response time
Detecting distance
Output current
Supply Voltage
Load short-circuit protection                                       polarity reversed protection
working atmosphere
0-50°C,less than 10000 Lux sunlight
Cable 2m PVC


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